Your Child Can Learn To Play The Piano

Most people would say “Yes” to the question, “Is it difficult to learn the piano?”

I don’t think it has to be. I think learning piano can actually be quite simple and fun, but only if you take the right approach.

The traditional way that piano is taught is a one on one demonstration of the basics and then students are expected to take their music home to practice and learn. There’s nothing necessarily wrong this approach. In fact, I was taught this way and most parents of my piano students were taught this way when they took lessons as children.

However, there is an easier way to learn. I don’t involve the students in opposition to me. It truly is a partnership, in that students learn ALL of their piano music with me at their weekly lesson. That way, when I send them home, they are rehearsing the way professionals practice. In other words, they are rehearsing with few or NO mistakes.

Students are taught all of their piano music during their weekly lesson. By taking this approach, they accelerate through their beginning books faster. This approach is, in the end, a benefit to the student. In essence, students see and understand that they are GOOD which in turn increases their confidence and independence immensely!

When a student’s confidence increases, he or she doesn’t view playing the piano as just more homework, rather it becomes an enjoyable activity. It is truly amazing to see Children excel at learning piano so quickly.

And yet, most teachers do not teach in this format, which is why most piano students drop out after a year. Students drop out when they are expected to succeed, but don’t have the necessary musical skills to do so and frequently become that stereotype music student that seems to struggle for years and sound bad most of the time.

That doesn’t happen here. My students are sight reading notes and rhythm with 100% accuracy within one or two months which is not exaggerating.

I truly believe that all children have the ability to learn how to play piano and make good music. My approach is different in that I tap into that natural creativity and expression to bring out the best possible result.Would you like more information? Or an introductory lesson (at no charge!)?

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