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Kids love music – It’s a big part of their lives. So why do most kids HATE piano lessons? Well, I think after all these years I’ve started to figure out why…Let’s Get Started!

The Problem

Most children view piano lessons as “just more homework,” and another task to “check off the list” along with extracurricular activities, homework, MORE homework, chores, and family obligations.

Why!?!? What went wrong?!?!

Sadly, most piano classes focus on FACTS and very little on creativity, music appreciation, or enjoyment.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you tap into a child’s natural curiosity and sense of exploration. By encouraging children to have fun and to relax at the piano, I remove the common roadblocks that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Learn More

The Solution

I have always made it my passion to innovate and put creativity, exploration, humor, and fun into my students’ private piano lessons.

My students:

  • Learn sight reading and steady rhythm from day one so that they are prepared for playing all types of music
  • Review and retain all their lessons through the use of games and writing their own music (even my beginners!)
  • Get all the benefits that science has shown piano instruction provides including increased academic performance, higher IQs, etc.  And to top it off, this is all done in an encouraging and positive environment
  • Move through their beginner books faster than the “average” time the publisher recommends, which is about 16 weeks per book
  • Learn all of their music during their weekly piano classes so they feel energized instead of lost and confused when they get home

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